Who is a CREATIVE..and what does it mean?

I think of anyone Who wants to share their ideas, their talents and their creative genius with the rest of the world as a creative. That’s right I said genius.I believe that everyone has an innate creative genius, a super power if you will that is specific to them. It’s an energy that they can feel. It drives them. Whether or not they choose to embrace it or use that power for good is a different story. 

The creatives I work with embrace this energy. 

Creatives want to share their ideas with the world. These ideas take many forms like books, scripts, talks, products, businesses, new ideas and policies.

Creatives are courageous. 

It takes courage to express oneself completely. Especially if the idea is new or ahead of its time.

Creatives are vulnerable. 

When Creativity is shared, it is open to other peoples opinions and critiques whether fair or not.

Creatives take action.

It takes initiative to bring an idea at the world. 

Creatives make sacrifices

It can take months or years to bring a project to life. Over the course of that time sacrifices of time money and relationships In order to bring the vision to life.

Creatives are resilient

Creative’s are in it for the long-haul. They feel the passion Or an inner drive.They may not know what they need to do in order to achieve their goals, but That’s where help comes in.

Creatives are Multi-hyphenates 

They have a wide variety of interests and things they do very well. Triple, quadruple and Quintuple threats.

Creatives love to learn

In order to create anything new, you have to build upon what is already there. Creatives use the foundational Ideas of others to forge new paths.

Creatives make the world a better place.

Let’s face it, without creativity this world would be a pretty boring place.