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A little about me...

Kevin Urban has spent 20 years focusing on the arts as a professional actor, and Personal Branding Expert. Working with clients, his emphasis is on creative excellence and authentic personal branding. He helps clients package their art, their ideas and ultimately, themselves, using a combination of approaches from Sports Psychology and Positive Psychology. Kevin has taught his strengths-based approach at PACE University, New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, and New York Film Academy. His clients range in age from 18 – 80 and can be found in boardrooms, on Broadway, in major motion pictures and television shows. Kevin is also member of SAG-AFTRA and has his Masters Degree in Positive Coaching & Leadership from the University of Missouri. 

Recent Thoughts & Posts

Why I coach

I find joy in watching people reconnect to their unique creativity and innate wisdom. My experience has shown me that everyone at some point loses touch with their creative “genius.” Often times its due to the stresses built up by the circumstances of life, responsibilities and failures.

It’s also my experience that the creative spark never leaves, rather it gets covered over. The inner knowing is still there. The process to getting back to you begins in holistic spirit of “educere,” the Latin root of education; meaning to draw out, by using interventions based on research from both positive and sports psychology.

Nurturing, reengaging and respecting your creative genius, leads to reconnecting to your creative spark which returns satisfaction and well-being in all areas of life because it allows natural creativity to flow. My intent is to help my clients uncover and ignite this inner genius and thereby embark on second careers or take that second chance. Getting you back to what appears effortless, memorable, marketable.

Let's choose your adventure!

Personal Branding

As a coach, I help my clients at various parts of their journey. For some it means helping them gain clarity by using the concept of Personal Branding as a tool to help them to figure out who they are, what they do and how they do it. Then how to package, market and monetize it. Along the way, people get stuck, and I help them identify new strategies to getting them out of their rut and back in doing what they do best. 


In order to achieve your goals you have to take action and perform. Performance comes in all shapes and sizes. Performance is showing up day to day and putting in the effort to execute with excellence. My time as an actor gave me many tools to help you perform at your best – especially when the stakes are high. We’re going to invest some time exploring your best practices. 

Best Life Practices

How you do anything is how you do everything to some extent. I’m no expert on life. I have however, spent time studying and exploring various techniques to get over the humps that life seems to throw at each and every one of us. Self understanding is a key elembent in achieving your goals. We’ll also spend some time looking at your approach to life…both how it helps and hinders you. 

Oh, The Places I've been...

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Client Reviews & Results​
Kevin Urban is an amazing career coach and an incredible person. With his vast knowledge and insight into the world of marketing and networking, I have been able to put together a detailed, targeted plan to further my acting career that includes reachable goals and a way to achieve them. His compassion and understanding have given me the confidence and inspiration to create and manage my own website, target theatres I want to work with, and discover what I really want for my professional acting career. I would highly recommend him as a career coach for anyone at any level of their career.
Katie Maconaughey
Actor and Artist
Thank you very much for filling our classroom with a positive energy and talking about an important topics. I would love to give you some feedback with a style of Simon Cowell is doing it (= critical feedback), but I just can't. Your style is very refreshing. By the way, congratulations, because you really got me ''locked'' during the lesson.. Don't get that in the wrong way, it was kind of good ''wake-up-call'' for me. In fact I've been thinking a lot about my future and goals (before your lesson, and after that), but I just haven't been able to decide it -yet.

Meri Kalliosaari
A quick note of gratitude. When I moved to New York *for real*, I was awash (literally) in the aftermath of the hurricane and I couldn't find my feet. I was even more uptight than usual. And you told me, that I'd "be fine" here in New York. I had started to resent people who told me that it takes a year to adjust and find my groove. You NEVER said that to me. You told me, in your own ways, that very soon I would making strides.
On my way home from another paid gig, I had a realization. This week, I will have 2 paid video gigs, 3 film auditions, 1 summer rep audition, my last rehearsal then performance at The Pearl, drinks with an Executive Producer, seen 2 shows done a house project or two and some yoga and meditation.
This amazes me. I have lived here 4 months and 2 days. And it is because of positive and grounded people like you that I have found my feet sooner than most.
Aleisha Lynn